Stop #35: Baltimore, Maryland

Our next stop was Baltimore. Again we arrived late, and went to our hotel straight way.

But the next morning we went to the Baltimore National Aquarium. It was amazing!

First we saw large catfish and turtles. Some of the turtles were big, some with long necks. We saw frightening freshwater crocodiles and poisonous dart/tree frogs.

Australian Whip Rays seemed to fly in the water. We saw anemone, which use muscles to reach out its tentacles, and then catch a meal and pull the stunned prey into its mouth. We also saw many jelly fish. Did you know that their population is growing alarmingly?

It’s biggest prey, sea turtles, are disappearing due to mistaking plastic for jellyfish. We also saw some amazing birds. In the amazon jungle section we saw parrots and scarlet ibises. In the Australia rooms we saw the Laughing Kookaburra in the trees and the Masked Lapwing an a log in the water.

We observed puffins diving, swimming using their wings, and flying clumsily form rock to rock. In the shark tanks we saw sharks such as nurse sharks, zebra sharks, sand tiger sharks, and black tip reef sharks. Fun Fact; Nurse sharks and Zebra sharks can breathe without moving, whereas most other sharks have to continuously swim for water to get into their gills. Before leaving we saw dolphins.

Two of them were playing with a ball, and the others were swimming around, some of them flipping over and swimming upside down! After the aquarium we ate lunch at an oyster house, which was very fitting because afterwards we drove to the beach.

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