STOP #8: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Because we arrived late, we only got to take a short half hour walk before going to bed. But the next day was full of sight seeing.

Our day started by visiting the Harley Davidson Motorcycle museum. My dad owns one, so this was an interesting experience. The main exhibit showed you how the motorcycle changed throughout the years. The first motorcycle was created in 1903, in Milwaukee when William Harley and his friend Arthur Davidson convinced Arthur’s brother Walter to help them finish building the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Looking at it, I thought it looked like a bicycle with a motor attached to it. The motorcycles were arranged with the first model to the farthest left, and the 1940’s ones to the farthest right. Walking along them, it was very cool to see how they changed every year.

After the museum we ate at the Harley Davidson restaurant. I ate pasta with house-made Wisconsin cheese and a baked potato. After lunch we went to the gift shop.

The next thing on our plan was the beach. This was going to be our last chance to swim in the great lakes before leaving them, so we wanted to take it.

Near the beach was a lighthouse, so we viewed it and took some photos.
A supposedly famous place in Milwaukee is Milwaukee’s Black Cat Alley. It is named after a street art piece in this alley. It shows an alley with stray cats walking around it.

One of them is almost jumping out at you. Some other artworks were a frog with a mustache, people with fruit for heads, a leopard, and many more. They were all so beautiful I almost couldn’t take my eyes away.

By that time we were already hungry again, so we went to a signature brewery for dinner. We tried signature Wisconsin cheese curds, which were really good. They are definitely a must-try.

We ended our day by going on the riverwalk which features a unique outdoor art gallery, RiverSculpture.

There were many cool statutes along it. My favorite one had a huge question mark entangled in metal ropes.

As soon as we woke up the next morning we drove to Madison, Wisconsin, to see the capitol.

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